Pet Pantry Wish List

Dog Food
Puppy Food
Dog / Puppy Treats 

Puppy formula

Puppy Pads

Cat Food
Kitten Food
Cat / Kitty Treats

Kitten formula
Cat Litter

Pet Collars(new or gently used)

Harnesses and leashes(new or gently used)
All Pet Toys(new or gently used)

Pet Beds(new or gently used)

Fish Food

Turtle/Reptile Food

Rabbit Food
Guinea Pig Food
Hamster Food
Rat Food
Ferret Food

Chicken Feed
Horse Feed

Bird Food
Parrots   Cockatiels   Cockatoo   Canary

Collapsible Travel Water Bowls  

Any meds for pet health
Flea Medication   Ear Wash
Supplements  Worming meds
Combs / Brushes

Have a pet item new or gently used not on the list?

We more than likely have someone who needs it! 

For those who are more comfortable ordering items on-line click on our:
Amazon Wishlist


Charity Supplies

2 Gallon Ziplock Bags
1 Gallon Zip Lock Bags
Quart Ziplock Bags
Packing Tape
Gas Cards ​

Share The Love Drive/Christmas 

(Oct.1 to Dec.15)

New Toys for all ages  (used for stocking stuffers and gifts)

Gently used toys

New clothes for all ages(for presents)

New dog and cat toys

New pet beds

Un-opened cosmetics and toiletries(body washes,lotions,shampoos,perfumes,etc)

Used but working small electronics(radios,game systems,kindles,tablets,cd players,etc)

Gently used household items(no glass dishes or vases please)

Craft items(new or gently used)

New or gently used decorative items

New or gently used Christmas items(lights,wreaths.trees,Christmas ornaments)

New or gently used pet items


New baby items

People food(non perishable)

Wrapping paper(to give to the parents)

Scotch tape

Anything pet and people gently used except:

clothes, furniture, very large items, broken items,

glasses, glass dishes, and mugs

Have a new or gently used people or pet item not on the list?

​We more than likely have someone who can use it!

​Call us at 330-389-5116 or email us at


Unfortunately, with CoVid, our access to the homeless has been greatly reduced. We are still providing pet food, people food, and mats whenever we can.

 We will put our full homeless wish list up as soon as we are given permission to resume our regular homeless distributions.



People Care Pet Pantry