It is the beginning of the Holiday Season.  Starting Nov. 1, 2018  thru Dec. 13, 2018  People Care Pet Pantry will be collecting items NEW and Nearly New not only for pets, but for people, young and old.  It is our way of saying we care about you and want to make your Christmas a little brighter and make sure the children have something to look forward to.

 We start out with a simple Share The Love gesture of handing out candy canes to people we come across in our daily lives, helping to bring a smile to their face. 

We start collecting "NEW" and "LIKE NEW", books, crayons, clothes, bedding ( blankets and sleeping bags), toiletry items and anything else that a low income or homeless family (person) may need.

The weeks before our Christmas, Share the Love distribution and after careful screening, we set up a time and place for distribution and the fun begins.

In 2013,  we had two ( 2 ) distribution locations and two ( 2 ) large Penske trucks. 

In 2014,  we were able to fill two trucks and had three ( 3 ) distribution locations. Items that were still left were sent to a fourth area for homeless families. 

In, 2015, we were fortunate to have an actual SEMI donated for the day and stuffed it with all our donations, plus packed our vehicles and helped over 300 families that were low income or homeless, as well as giving 250 children a Christmas.

  In 2016 we all seemed to have our share of financial problems, but we were still able to help a over 200 hundred families with pet food and 150 children toys.  This number does not include the toys we donated to local police departments and to Springtime of Hope.

On Dec. 10, 2017..... we are had between 300 to 400 families for clothing, bedding, coats and other misc. items.  We had some larger toys donated, but not nearly enough for the children.

On Dec. 9, 2018..... we are expecting up to 600 families for clothing, bedding, coats and other misc. items.  This year we would like to have larger toys donated for the children (at least 500 children from 0 to 17).  PCPP tries to give at least 6 toys per child for under the tree.  If you find something on it and hold on to it or contact one of us to pick it up.  We would greatly appreciate them.

How  Share The Love Got Started

President / Founder Rene’ Lamp


My favorite part of Christmas has always been giving presents so it was only natural to have a Christmas distribution the first year we started the pet pantry. We only had 10 clients and only enough donations to fit in a small car but the families were so happy to get some things they could give their family members for Christmas. Each year after that we got bigger and so did our Christmas giveaways! We started getting furniture, clothes, toys, medical equipment, cat and dog toys and more!

In October of 2013, for the first time since we started, our cupboards went bare. I had to cancel a 60 family distribution because we had no pet food. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. With a broken heart I put the post on Facebook to let those connected to us know what was going on.

Within hours after the post went up people from all over the United States stepped up to help. We started getting pet food in the mail, rescues and shelters started calling to give us pet food, people all over started doing pet food drives, people in other states sent donations and words of encouragement.

By the next distribution we had enough pet food to not only get the families we had to cancel in for pet food but we had enough to get us into the New Year.

I was so touched that so many people reached out in our darkest time that I wanted to do something to not only say thank you to them but I wanted as many people as possible to feel the love that had been showered on us. We quickly came up with a plan to accomplish both. To share the love with as many as we could we got many, many, many small candy canes and attached a card that simply said “People Care Pet Pantry just shared the love with you, Merry Christmas” We randomly handed them out to people we thought could use a lift. To say thank you to those that reached out to us we had different share the love weekends. During our Share The Love Weekends we share our love and donations with whatever group we have picked for that weekend.

What I love most about the Christmas season is the giving and the joy that comes with that. The hardest Christmases in my life were when I had nothing to give which is why every Christmas season we collect not only items the families can use but also items the family members can give as presents to their loved ones whether it is for their parents, kids, spouse or pet. No matter how needy a person who comes to the Christmas distribution is nine times out of ten all they want is something they can give as a present.



People Care Pet Pantry always new there was a need to help the homeless.  We knew that their pets were their lifeline of love and hope.  Most of them would rather live and sleep on the street than give up their pet.  It is a bond that can not and should not be broken.

This is where we come in.  We started out simple, Joining a group called Springtime of Hope.  They cater food to help feed those that need a good nourishing meal at least once a week.

Our first time out we only brought pet food.  As the time progressed we realized that even though Springtime of Hope was also giving them items that had been donated, we, the Pet Pantry, felt the need to do more, And We Have.

We are always asking for donations for those that have nothing more than the simple things they are able to carry.  The items listed below are also on our wish list.

Clean, durable warm sleeping bags

New or slightly used blankets that are washable

Socks - both men and women

Clean and washable warm winter coats ( children - women - men   Large, XL, XXL, XXXL)

Gloves, hats, scarves

Men and women's underwear

Toiletry Items - toothpaste, toothbrush, bar soap, and deodorant

New or slightly used clean (Clorox) towels and washcloths

Batteries (AAA, AA and D)

When we hand out blankets, we give them two.  One for them and one for the pet.  We hand out toiletries and anything else that we may have gotten.  During the next couple months, it is even more important to help keep these people warm.  Unfortunately there are some that freeze to death and there is no one looking for them or seem to care that they are gone.

People Care Pet Pantry is asking for your help in keeping them warm.

We have also found that one of the best ways to help a homeless person is to show them respect. As you look into their eyes, talk to them with genuine interest, and recognize their value as an individual, you will give them a sense of dignity that they rarely experience.Some made poor choices but others didn't. Even if they did make poor choices, no one deserves homelessness. Homeless people are not worth less than you. They are still someone's child. Talk to them and treat them the way you would want to be treated.

When you talk to them, talk simply and get to the point. This is not because they're stupid but because being hungry or cold can impair a person's judgement. They may have trouble understanding you and they may need help reasoning through problems.

While it's wise to exercise caution and take measures to ensure your personal safety when ministering to the homeless, by identifying with the real person behind the face on the streets, your caring will be much more effective and rewarding. We can use your help!!!

For donations and drop off locations please go to
How You Can Help Page

If you would like to volunteer please call or text 330-389-5116.

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