People Care Pet Pantry


Keeping Pets At Home

​During Hard Times

​         How It Works​  

When a family falls on hard times they call,text,or message us for help. We then talk to them to find out what pets they have,what is going on to cause the hardship,and how we can help. After talking to them we make arrangements to provide them with treats,pet food,and anything else we may have that their furry family members could use or would like.

We also provide any other resources we know of ,or have ,that would help the rest of the family with some of their other struggles.

​We continue to help them monthly until they are able to get back on their feet.




  We are just one of many that help families who are financially struggling to keep their pets home.

The families that contact us have found themselves in financial hardship for many different reasons. For some, it is a one-time hardship, for others, it is a longer-term financial hardship. No which one or what the reason is they all have the same thing in common: they are afraid they will have to surrender their pets. The last thing these families want or need is to have to say goodbye to their furry family members due to not being able to buy food. That is where we come in thanks to the help and donations from so many wonderful people!

We have all struggled(at one time in our life) and if you haven't we hope you count it as a huge blessing.  



  ​​​​​​ Where the paw meets the hand


With the help of some wonderful supporters and organizations over the years, we have been able to provide food and supplies to over 18,000 cats and dogs.

  We have also fed birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, horses, chickens, ferrets, hamsters, mice, and a potbelly pig or two.

  Through the years we have been proud to connect with and work with many different organizations to be able to make the biggest impact in our communities.


We have also made ourselves a well-known resource to many shelters, rescues, and social service organizations.

We work together to make sure no one has to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender due to not being able to provide them with food.

Who We Are:


* a 501(c)(3) state registered public charity founded in 2009.

* an all volunteer non-profit organization that serves Portage and Summit counties.

  Our Mission:  

to provide aid to families experiencing a financial hardship so they may keep their cherished pets as they work to get back on their feet

Our Goal

to reduce owner surrenders benefiting the families,the pets, shelters and rescues