​​​​Connecting to one another is the only way we as individuals are able to help each other.  It is the same with organizations.  We are all in it for one reason, to help pets and families. 

Our organization, People Care Pet Pantry, has connected with over 500 organizations to be able to keep our mission alive.

To provide aid necessary for families to keep cherished pets during times of financial crisis.

Our Everyday Connections

Our Average Servings a Month

​​​​​Every month is different so even though we state one number, the next month may be higher.  To give you just a little insight: In January 2018 People Care pet Pantry helped 233 families - that is, a low number for us, but it comes out to helping  feed at least 426 dogs, 362 cats plus the 90 pets of the homeless.  There are also 19 Rabbits, 2 Ferrets, 7 Hamsters, 7 Guinea Pigs and 4 Rats, as well as multiple fish and 33 types of birds.  Last year we also helped feed 5 deer, a few horses. chickens and goats. That is a lot of animals.  Just think what it would be like if all of these animals had to be given up.  The devastation of a child and the heartbreak of an adult is to hard too imagine.

Please help us help them.


 People Care Pet Pantry


Helping Pets Stay Home

We are where the hand meets:

The Paw
The Beak
The Fin
The Hoof
The Fish Lips
The Lizzard Tongues

​People Care Pet Pantry always knew there was a need to help the homeless.  We knew that their pets were their lifeline of love and hope.  Most of them would rather live and sleep on the street than give up their pet.  It is a bond that cannot and should not be broken.

This is where we come in.  We started out simple, Joining a group called Springtime of Hope.  They cater food to help feed those that need a good nourishing meal at least once a week.

Our first time out, we only brought pet food.  As the time progressed we realized that even though Springtime of Hope was also giving them items that had been donated, we, the Pet Pantry, felt the need to do more, And We Have.

We are always asking for donations for those that have nothing more than the simple things they are able to carry

Helping the Homeless

Welcome to People Care Pet Pantry. We are just one of many that help keep the pets in the home by helping to feed them.

We are all animal lovers and try to be the most kind and compassioate group of people.  We lend a helping hand, an ear to those that need someone to listen to them, a hug when needed and a smile to help brighten their day.