‚Äč People Care Pet Pantry



 People Care Pet Pantry fed over 8,000 pets from the Northeast Ohio Region just last year. We screen applicants to verify financial hardship and provide the supplies necessary to help people keep their pets. We do not screen by location; we will help any screened applicant willing to drive to our pickup location.

 Many families who apply for help have been laid off, are transitioning from the military or have had a medical setback. We work with shelters and animal rescues to reach people before they surrender their pets and provide aid necessary for them to keep their families intact while they work to resolve their problems.

 By helping these people with their pets, we are able to help shelters reduce the influx of animal surrenders and unnecessary euthanasia, reducing their costs and securing better outcomes for people and pets.

 The  Process  We  Follow........

1)  Those in need contact us by calling or texting this phone number ( 330-389-5116 ) and leaving a message

2)  Either myself or one of my volunteers will then contact the person to get more information.

3)  People are then put on a schedule and contacted to let them know the pick up day.

Please understand we get as many as 100 calls a day .... you must be patient and wait your turn.

We always:

Promote the spay / neuter programs

Treat all people with respect as we would want to be treated

Ask questions to ensure there is financial hardship

Schedule people based on the donations we have

Have a maximum cat and dog food amount we allot to one family

Go by a recommended feeding guideline

Love to get pictures of the animals we help

At home inspections will be done if any abuse is suspected.

We Do Not:

Judge any person who contacts us (we have all been there)

Guarantee a specific brand (all food is donated)

Condone animals being tied out and left unattended. 

 Deliver food (unless extremely urgent)