People Care Pet Pantry


Scuddles P. Duddles 

Scuddles P. Duddles was born Aug. 3, 2003.  His original owner Lenny got him when he was a puppy.  Lenny had to give him up when he went into a nursing home.  That is when Scuddles P. went into foster care.  Scuddles P. was taken every week up to see Lenny until the day Lenny passed away.  It was a common joke that Scuddles P. would never tell any one what the P. stood for.

On Facebook a fundraiser was created in honor of Lenny and Scuddles P. Duddles 15th birthday, to raise money for a Shot Clinic Fund. 

We all know that money is very hard to come by and for a lot of the clients of PCPP, to afford the shots that the animals need is very difficult.  So instead of just a simple fundraiser PCPP wanted to let people know that this is a way to help other animals in need of good health. 

PCPP will be working on ways to bring clinics closer to our clients so that they can keep their own animals safe and up to date.

We of course will always need pet food and other items to keep the pet pantry running, but if you would rather help in another way...this is the way you can do it.

We thank each and every one of you for what you continually do for People Care Pet Pantry.  Without your help we wouldn't be able to help the thousands of pets we do.