People Care Pet Pantry


People Care Pet Pantry is constantly helping some one, some wehre. Lakemore Fire Dept is no eception, but then, they also have a dog.

Everyone please welcome "Flash" The newest member to the local dept and our latest fundraiser for vet care.

FLASH is a Chocolate Lab that is somewhere around 8 years old. He was found as a stray by the local police dept. and put in “Doggie Jail” for 4 days while the search for his owner was done. No one claimed him – no one stepped forward until Chief Brett Reinbolt showed up and said he was going with him.

People Care Pet Pantry is now doing a Fund Raiser to help the Lakemore Firefighters give Flash the best forever life he can get. To do that – they need your support and help.

Brett, his wife Mindi and I took Flash to the vet the other day. He is HW Neg and now UTD on all his shots.

Flash has severe arthritis in not just the back end, but it is settling into the front he will be on pain meds the rest of his blessed life.

PCPP will be trying to raise the funds to cover Flash and his ongoing medications and his vet care.

Of course it was also suggested that he be put on either supplements or a special diet to help his special needs

All and all this will come at no easy price to digest. This will cost the Fire Dept roughly $400 a month.

This is where People Car Pet Pantry steps in and helps.

With all of our followers, Rescues and friends, we are asking for people to step up a and help. Just a little from each of you will help tremendously.

There are a lot of different ways to send donations: Mail donations to;

People Care Pet Pantry
ATTN: Flash
2924 Sandy Lake Rd.
Ravenna, Ohio 44226

People Care Pet Pantry
ATTN: Flash
1891 Nichols Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44312

or pay pal - in the subject line please put in Flash.

Please help People Care Pet Pantry help Flash and his new owners, the Lakemore Fire Department.Type you
r paragraph here.