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Understanding The Law

Easy Steps To Take When Noticing a Distressed Dog in a Vehicle

1.  Note the time

2. Note the Car make, Model and License Plate

3. Observe the area.  Look to see if the owner of the vehicle is close by.

4. If located by a store, have management page owner to let them know pet may be in distress.

5. Return to vehicle.  If still there, with no one attending, once again note the time and how the animal is acting

6. If animal has become a major concern and may not withstand too much more time enclosed...check to see if doors are locked.

7. If unlocked retrieve animal and call 911 immediately.

8. If locked call 911 and let them know how long the animal has been enclosed.  Let them know you will be breaking in vehicle.

9.  Rub animal with cool water – DO NOT POOR ICE / ICE WATER ON THEM and allow them to drink.

10. WAIT TILL HELP ARRIVES - only break window if help cannot get there quick enough to save the animal.

People Care Pet Pantry is proud to announce its newest

community endeavor.

OSIP – Operation Saving Innocent Pets

It had come to our attention after watching several videos of our law enforcement agents breaking into vehicles to help save animals that have been left to die of heat exhaustion, that some of these officers’ scramble for something to put water in, (cutting off the bottom of a two-liter bottle) we, People Care Pet Pantry decided to do something about it.

After doing our research as to what needed to be done to assure that the bowl be kept clean, safe and easy for the officers involved, as well as taking up next to no room, as a team we have come up with one idea that will work.

We WILL NOT supply the water … Plastic water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, a material that’s used for a lot of food and beverage packaging since it’s lightweight, durable, and shatterproof. However, when heated, it is known to release the chemical BPA, which some experts say can affect hormone levels by mimicking estrogen, and may trigger health risks if exposed at high levels. . This was discussed with law enforcement officers and we were told that almost all of them carry their own water, plus it is usually easy to come by in this situation. So having said this, it was decided that no water will come with the product.

We help serve pet families in 3 communities –  Portage, Stark and Summit – as money is allocated to this project each cruiser in those counties will be equipped with a water bowl courtesy of People Care Pet Pantry.

Within the package we will also include a copy of a heat chart that can be handed to those people that don’t understand what it’s like to be trapped in a hot vehicle.


SB 215 -
grants civil immunity for damage resulting from forcible entry of a vehicle “for the purpose of removing an animal” or a minor from the vehicle if certain conditions are met, including having a good faith belief that the animal is in imminent danger, making a good faith effort to call 9-1-1 before entry, not using more force than is reasonably necessary, and making a good faith effort to leave notice on the vehicle’s windshield about the reason for entry into the vehicle.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

SECTION 1. That sections 959.133 and 2151.88 of the Revised Code be enacted to read as follows: Sec. 959.133.     (A) Except as provided in division (C) of this section, a person shall be   immune from civil liability for any damage resulting from the forcible entry of a motor vehicle for the purpose of removing an animal from the vehicle if the person does all of the following: (1) Determines the vehicle is locked or there is otherwise no reasonable method for the animal to exit the vehicle  .  (2) Has a good faith belief that forcible entry into the   vehicle is necessary because   the animal   is in imminent danger of   suffering harm if not immediately removed from the vehicle and, based   upon the circumstances known to the person at the time, the belief is a reasonable one  .  (3) Has   made a good faith effort to contact the local law enforcement agency, the fire   department, or a 9-1-1 operator prior to forcibly entering the vehicle  . If contact is not possible prior   to forcibly entering the vehicle, the person shall make contact as soon as possible after forcibly entering the vehicle. (4)   Makes a good faith effort to place a notice on the vehicle's windshield with the person's   contact information, the reason the entry was made, the location of the   animal, and the fact that the   authorities have been notified  .  (5) Remains with the   animal in a safe location   until law enforcement or emergency   responders arrive  .  (6) Used not more force to enter the vehicle and remove the   animal from the vehicle than was   necessary under the circumstances. (B) Nothing in this section shall affect the person's civil liability if the person attempts to render aid to the   animal in addition to what is authorized by this section.  (C) A person shall not be immune from civil liability for any damage resulting from the forcible entry of a motor vehicle for the purpose of removing   an animal from the vehicle if the   person's actions constitute recklessness or willful or wanton misconduct with regard to the forcible entry of the motor vehicle. (D) As used in this section, "harm" means injury or death. Sec. 2151.88.

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When taking your pet out for a walk, understanding that if it is too hot for your own bare foot, it is way to hot for a paw that stays on the ground longer than your foot.

Know what the sign are for symptoms of a heat stroke in a pet and what to do.  It can mean the difference between life and death for the animal.

As of January 9, 2019 -- 381 OSIP Packs have been given to our Law Enforcement Agencies