People Care Pet Pantry


From - Rene Lamp, CEO / Founder - People Care Pet Pantry  

I want to take a minute before things get even crazier and busy to thank each and every one of you who have and are donating for the Share The Love.

There are so many out there right now shopping, putting blessing bags together,gathering gently used and new items,transporting,helping sort,helping spread the word to those in need and to those that want to help!

To all of you I want to share a text I got this evening that left me in tears and reminded me of why I do this...the text simply said  "Thank you for caring about us who are struggling" 

That text is for every one of you who are taking any part in this Share The Love Event. Nothing you are doing is too small and everyone of you are making a bigger difference in people's lives then you know. I get the privilege of hearing the gratitude and hear them literally cry with relief when I get their wishlists and tell them what all we are going to help them with that day from kids toys to clothes to pet toys and pet food. For any coming out on the 10th to help you will too!  Every one of you are awesome and have filled my heart with the same gratitude and tears that I am hearing from others!!!!

This is going to be the biggest year ever and because of each of YOU we are looking at tripling (at least) what we have done in prior years. That is triple the pets, the families, and the kids!!!!!

If I don't put individual thank yous please know it is not because I don't appreciate what you are doing or it is not important, it is only because it is crunch time and I am a bit crazy from now until the distribution is done.

For those of you that have asked what we do with anything that may be left. There should not be much left because I work all the way until distribution day getting people in and we help others after all the way to Christmas eve by having them come to my house if they need food or toys or other items. We also work with other organizations and churches after the distribution to make sure there is not a family in any of the counties we serve that is not going to have a Christmas!

If after all of that (ha ha) there is anything left we will put it up for next Christmas or for times they be needed to help families through the next year!

Thank you again,I love you all!I will update as often as I can and I will give you an update closer to distribution and of course pics and an update after!

Januray 31, 2018

I want to take a minute to thank you for your continuing support of People Care Pet Pantry!

It is only because of people like you that we are able to continue doing what we do.  Because of your support in 2017 we were able to :

  • Keep over 4000 pets out of shelters and allow them to stay in their homes with their families.

  • Provide supplies and services once a month to the homeless and their pets

  • Send pet food and supplies to the states devastated by the hurricanes

  • Provide people and pet items to local families devastated by house fires

  • Provide Christmas presents to over 300 children who would not have received anything

  • Have two gently used people item giveaways helping over 500 families

  • Provide school supplies for over 100 children in need

  • Provide people food to countless families that had fed all of their food to their pets

  • Purchase a used box truck so we could increase the number of families we help at distributions

  • Purchase pet food for the smaller pets that we do not get food donated for often

  • Help with vet bills and supplies for a dog rescued by a local fire dept.

Going into 2018 we already have more calls for help then we did January of 2017.

When my husband and I started the pet food pantry in 2009, we were helping 10 families a month to keep their pets.

We are currently helping over 300 families a month in three counties.  We work hard to, not only supply pet food and supplies, but to also provide resources needed for the families to help them get back on their feet.

We could not do any of this without you!!!

Rene Lamp
CEO /Founder-People Care Pet Pantry
Helping People Keep Their Pets

A person never stands so tall as when they lean down and help someone in need!-Be the reason someone smiles today!

June 27, 2018

Many of you know for the past years we have been a benefactor and a participant in the Hudson Wine festival and it has been a huge blessing, along with a lot of fun for all of us that have been involved!!!  It has paid the pet pantry bills for the year, greatly helped with what we needed for the Christmas distribution, and paid expenses for the carnival.  We cannot say thank you enough to all who put so much work into the Hudson wine festival so that the pet pantry and other animal non-profits could receive financial help from an amazing event!!!  Unfortunately, we have been told that last year was the last year for the Hudson Wine Festival.  Not only are we going to miss the fun we had and seeing the awesome people we spent those days with but we will also miss the money we received. With having the box truck now (which has been a lifesaver) we have almost 200 in plate fees and almost 700 every 6 months with insurance.  We also have the regular bills of pet pantry phone, website,  gas to get donations,  go to distributions, and deliver food. Any money donations or gas cards are appreciated and will go to the expenses listed above.  If you are out and about and see new toys on sale or clearance and have the money, please pick some up and throw them in a box for our Share The Love Drive. (for our Christmas distribution) We will be sending letters out this year asking for companies to help (either financially or by doing drives) and would love to have Nationwide be a part of it this year if they would!  If anyone has gas cards they are not going to use, we would gladly take them right now too.  This will not change how we do things, it just means we are going to have to start asking for financial donations again. Sorry so long just wanted to let you all know what was going on!!!

Thank you all for what you do!!!! 

Rene Lamp
CEO /Founder-People Care Pet Pantry
Helping People Keep Their Pets