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April 24, 2017  - Nurenberg Paris teams up with local non-profit organizations across Northeast Ohio on a monthly basis to share stories and help the community. Today we are introducing you to one of those organizations called People Pet Care Pantry.  We have with us today, Founder & President, Rene Lamp & Volunteer & Executive Director Dana Ray who share with us the story of how People Pet Care Pantry started and how they save pets and their families!

Pet food pantry in jeopardy

Posted: Jul 21, 2015 9:54 PM EST Updated: Jul 21, 2015 10:34 PM EST
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People Care Pet Pantry in need of assistance (Source: WOIO)

The People Care Pet Pantry was started in the middle of the economic crisis of 2009 when Rene Lamp and her husband heard multiple stories of families surrendering their pets because they couldn't afford to keep them.

Since then, her pantry has fed thousands of animals and kept those pets out of shelters, where they may have been destroyed.

But now, Lamp and her husband find themselves in need.

"I have 300 families a month that count on me. So, it's not just my family that I have to look at. It was what about all these families? What about all these pets that are staying with their families because of what we are doing. I can't let them down," said Lamp.

Lamp says she lost the job she held for 17 years because of medical issues, and her house is now in jeopardy of foreclosure.

Even with all of the financial problems she faces, Lamp is still helping get food and medical care for other people’s pets.

Lisa Gyulai and her son Nicholas picked up food and kitty litter for their cats at a home where some of the supplies are kept.

If it weren't for the free pet food pantry, Gyulai says she would have to get rid of their precious pets.

The pantry even helped them get their cats spayed and neutered.

"I am a single mother who is disabled. That wraps that up right there. Any extra expense is extra expense, and with the pet pantry - it's just been a lot of help," said Gyulai.

The People Care Pet Pantry provides food for everything from fish to horses. Lamp says the people she helps are responsible pet owners who suddenly found themselves down on their luck.

"These people weren't in a bad situation and got a pet. These people had these pets," added Lamp.

The impact the pantry has had is life-changing. In fact, owner surrenders were suddenly down at a local shelter, according to Lamp, once her pantry started offering assistance.

Dana Ray was once on the receiving end of the pantry’s help when she lost her job in 2010.

She now volunteers and is trying to get the word out that a closed pantry will mean hundreds of pets going without.

"We keep stressing. We are donations only, and without the donations, we are nothing," said Ray. 2015 WOIO. All rights reserved.

People Care Pet Pantry is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity founded in 2009 by Rene and Tom Lamp. We serve over 200 families each month in northeast Ohio by distributing donated pet food and supplies to previously screened families experiencing temporary financial hardship.

We feed all pets from as small as a fish to as big as a horse. The only thing we do not feed is live animals to other animals (ie: mice to snakes), but if you have a pet mouse, we will help feed it, as long as the donated food it there.

People Care Pet Pantry has formed community partnerships with the Portage Animal Protective League (APL), the Portage Dog Pound, as well as various rescue groups and businesses. We are an available service through Family and Community Services 211, Kevin Coleman and the United Way among others.

Last year they fed over 8,000 pets from Portage County and surrounding areas.

By helping these people with their pets, they are able to help shelters reduce the influx of animal surrenders and unnecessary euthanasia, reducing their costs and securing better outcomes for people and pets.

Sunday, June 1, was another distribution day. They were very short on cat supplies and food.

Less then four pounds of food per family was distributed, regardless of how many cats, and very little litter. But they gave what they had.

Can you help? If anyone would like to donate some dry cat food or litter, or any other pet food, a list of donation locations is below.

If you would like to donate money, you may do so securely using Paypal or JustGive

Pet Pantry needs food, financial support

Published: November 7, 2013 4:00AM

I'm writing to request help for the People Care Pet Pantry, a non-profit organization that furnishes pet food to families who cannot afford to purchase food for their animals.

These people have fallen on hard times, and without help from PCPP, they might have to give up their pets. That adds stress to an already stressful situation.

The PCPP is in Portage County, but serves all of Northeastern Ohio. There are over 100 families on the waiting list and they're out of dry dog and cat food.

You can drop off food at the following: Christian Life Center, 5931 Rhodes Road, Kent; Petco Brimfield, 3975 Cascades Blvd.; Petco Solon, 6025 Kruse Blvd.; the Hiram Police Department, 11617 S.R. 700; or Devil Strip Dollys, 923 Bank St., Akron.

Or you can make a monetary donation at, or mail to People Care Pet Pantry, c/o Rene Lamp, 2994 Sandy Lake Road, Ravenna 44266. Make checks payable to People Care Pet Pantry.

Winter is almost here, and the need is great. Church, 4-H or Scout groups or any service organization are welcome to run a food drive. This is a 501c3 not for profit group.

I'd hate to have to give up my pets because I couldn't afford to feed them. Many people the group helps are senior citizens on fixed incomes, but others have lost their jobs or homes.

It is a great group and this service helps keep animals from going to shelters when owners fall on hard times. Shelters are already full, and there is no place for many of these animals to go.

This a great opportunity to pay it forward. Please consider helping.

Karen Genske, Ravenna

Bow-Wows & Meows: People Care Pet Pantry – Helping People Keep Their Pets

Aug 23, 2013 by Karen Genske

A group that I learned about because of my work with Rose’s Rescue is the People Care Pet Pantry founded by Rene and Tom Lamp in March of 2009. Rene read about people having to give up their pets due to financial hardships. Rene looked at her own animals and just could not imagine having to give them up. She felt she could help, and off she went in full gear.

She and Tom started buying food themselves, but slowly started approaching others for donations. The pet pantry has grown since that time, and yet, I do not feel enough people are aware they are there.

People Care Pet Pantry is located in Ravenna Ohio, but they do not only service the Portage County residents. Rene says they cover the whole state of Ohio, and if people can get to them, they will help them.

The pet pantry looks for donations of all types of pet foods as Rene cannot imagine anyone having to give up a pet of any kind. Not only do the people of the pet pantry give out pet food, but they also try to work with their clients to find other assistance if needed such as low cost spay or neutering. They take a personal interest in the people they work with.

In December, Rene coordinates a gift drive. She collects new toys and items for her clients who cannot afford to buy gifts for Christmas. They can come out and choose some toys or items for their children – oh, and for their pets also! Or perhaps people have lost their jobs or maybe their home in a fire. They, too, may come for help.

Pet Pantry Facts

We have given out over 50,000 pounds of pet food
Last year we fed over 8,000 cats and dogs, this does not include all the birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens or rats
We are listed on the Portage 211 system
We are recognized as a public charity, 501c3
We work with Rose’s Rescue, the Portage APL, the Portage Dog Warden’s Shelter and other animal welfare groups to help reduce owner surrenders.
We are a Petco pantry partner teaming up with the Brimfield Petco
We currently help 200 families a month

“When people come to us for help, they know we care about their pet. I want to make sure each one of them knows they are not alone, and I care about them too!” says Rene.


Our mission is to keep families together when they find themselves experiencing a temporary financial hardship. Before, when people would have a financial emergency, the only option they would have was to surrender their pet. We offer another solution!

How does one become a client?

1.Those in need contact them through the contact form on the website or by phone 330-389-5116

2. Someone will then contact the person to get more information

3. People are then put into a pick-up schedule

Another thing the folks at the People Care Pet Pantry do that I just love, is to maintain a Facebook Page. On their page, they post what is going on with the pantry, distribution times, success stories, all that good stuff, but they also post animals that have been lost or found or looking for a new home. Anything to help.

Of course, like any other non profit group, they could not do it without their volunteers, and some dedicated volunteers they do have. Anyone that thinks they might like to help out this worthy group, here are some ways you can do so:

help distribute food on Sundays between 2 and 4
drivers needed to take food to those who cannot get to them.
drivers to pick up food donations.
people to cover events
people to do researching on-line (grant opportunities, donation opportunities, resources for clients)
people to handle the lost and found pets that get reported (This will also require on-line research)

If you would like to volunteer please call 330-389-5116.

Rene and Tom have been married for 15 years and are the proud parents of two dogs, four cats, and three birds. Not only does Rene run the pet pantry, but she also works full time at Schneller in Kent, Ohio. When asked what she did in her spare time, she asked me, “What was that?”

Rene has been through many of the situations others are dealing with, but she has always had a pet which has been her lifeline. She says she cannot see anyone going through medical issues, financial issues, or any life altering event and then also lose their pet.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rene at several events and have to say she is one caring lady. She greets all the animals and people with such love and concern. Rene is one special lady for sure. I’m hoping someone out there will feel the call to help Rene in her cause.

Wish List:

The People Care Pet Pantry also has a wish list of items they distribute to their clients and of items to replenish office supplies for their own use. If you would be interested in donating any of the following items, please give them a call or contact them through the contact information on the website.

Pet Food—all kinds (dog, cat, bird, horse, guinea pig, rabbit, etc)
Treats and Rawhides
Pet Beds—all sizes
Hot Spot Treatment
Kitty Litter
Flea Treatment
Collars and Leashes
Pet Brushes
Pet Crates—all sizes
Office Supplies
Gas Cards-for use by volunteers

So folks, here is a way you can help people and animals at the same time. Sounds like a win win situation to me. I believe they are a worthwhile group to help, and I help them as much as I can with donations of pet food or items for the Christmas give away.

Hey, maybe you could put on a fund raiser for them. I am sure they would be more than happy about that. Check out their website or give Rene a call to see where you might want to help.

Check out their website, for more photos of the pets that are able to stay home because of the people who care!

One more thing I would like to say. I am very lucky to have been in contact with such special people through my dealings with Rose’s Rescue. It really gives me a positive outlook on life to know there are such hardworking, caring people out there.


Pantry Focuses On Needy Pet Owners

Posted 6:22 pm, February 11, 2013, by Enrique Correa, Updated at 06:57pm, February 11, 2013

There's a unique food pantry that will make sure your four-legged family member does not go hungry.

"We have a lot of people who are laid off, companies are shutting down, the pounds, APLs and rescues are already so overwhelmed," said Rene Lamp, pantry founder.

To help relieve the problem, Lamp started the People Care Pet Pantry in Portage County.

Since 2009, Lamp, an ordained minister, has been helping financially struggling families feed their animals so they don't have to surrender them.

"I just thought there had to be another solution besides giving them up or feeding them their own food which a lot of people were doing, so I started by asking donations from family and friends," she said. "We helped about 10 families, and we are now up to 190 families a month."

Dana Ray is not only a volunteer at the pet pantry charity, but once she was struggling financially and couldn't feed her four dogs.

"The thought that I've had these dogs for all of this time, all of a sudden I have to give them up, I would rather go without medication, I would rather go without food, I would rather do anything, you know, rather than to give them up, and those are the cases that we deal with on a weekly basis whenever we have people come in," said Ray, of Akron.

Now in its fourth year, the Pet Pantry has fed more than 50,000 pets in Northeast Ohio.

To receive the pet food donations, families are screened and sign a declaration of need.

This week the Pet Pantry teamed up with Petco in Kent by putting a bin in their store to gather up donations for animals.

Every other Sunday, the People Care Pet Pantry meets at the Cascades of Brimfield parking lot to hand out pet food to pet owners in need.

Some people shopping at the Petco believe the Pet Pantry is a great idea for pet owners who are strapped for cash and can't feed their animals.

"A lot of people can't afford this kind of stuff, and if they love their pet they need that stuff," said Colton Jones, of Tallmadge.

Donations accepted at newly opened Brimfield Petco  ( People Care Pet Pantry )

Tina Kaufmann,
1:09 PM, Feb 10, 2013
6:36 PM, Feb 10, 2013

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - If you're tight on money and need food for your pet, you could get some help at Brimfield's newly opened People Care Pet Pantry.

Donations for the newly opened facility are being accepted at the PETCO in Brimfield.

Like a food pantry for people, the pet pantry is a critical link for communities and pet owners during dire financial times. Differing from classic animal rescues and havens, they gift directly to those in the community who are in need. 

People Care Pet Pantry partners with animal shelters and pounds to help pets who might be "owner surrendered" due to economic hardship. By doing so, it's becoming a vital community resource and saves on tax dollars by freeing up space and minimizing euthanization of animals because of limited space. 

It also gives rescue groups and pet foster families another resource to get needed pet food and supplies.

"After getting donations for a couple months, I decided am giving back and have been volunteering ever since," said Dana Ray. Ray lost her job in 2010 and has four dogs. She did a Google search and found PCPP.

The non-profit was founded in 2009 by ordained minister Rene Lamp and has fed over 50,000  pets in the 16 northeast Ohio counties. In 2012, People Care Pet Pantry donated food to feed 5,200 dogs and 4,800 cats, while also providing coats, hats, gloves and toys to those in need during its annual Christmas donation and gifting drive.

"We provide a resource and an alternative to surrendering your pet," Lamp explained. "These are tough economic times for many, and any of us could be just a hospitalization away, or a lay-off away, from being in the same predicament. Most times the pet owner simply needs assistance for a month or two, and they are back on their feet."

Check out the volunteer-driven organization online:

For more information, you can call 330-389-5116.