People Care Pet Pantry


What Our Mission Is

Our Mission
is to provide aid necessary for families to keep cherished pets during times of financial crisis.

Our Goal is to reduce owner surrenders to overtaxed shelters, reduce medically unnecessary euthanasia, and help families honor their responsibility to provide life long, loving homes for their pets.

The Pantry

We are located in Ravenna, Ohio and started the pet food pantry after reading an article in Guideposts about Pike's Peak Pet Pantry.  After hearing some heartbreaking stories of people having to surrender their pets due to finances and looking at my dog trying to imagine having to make that decision, we decided we had to do something to help.

We started in March of 2009 by buying a couple of bags ourselves, then approached friends, family and neighbors for donations.  We have been blessed each week to have enough donations to give to the people scheduled.  We have given as much as 1500 pounds in a week to families in need.  People Care Pet Pantry has now evolved into a multi-county pet pantry.  We have helped families in every county that has been able to get to us.  If they can't get to us we will help them find some one in their area that can help them.  We never just walk away.   We have been just as blessed by the person we help.  The tears, thank-yous and hugs are our reward for what we do!

The Founders

 Rene' Lamp  is the CEO/Founder of People Care Pet Pantry.  She became an ordained minister December 24 2009.  Being  a domestic violence survivor and having been homeless, she knows what it is like to be where many of the people who contact us have been.

  Tom Lamp is the President/Co-Founder.  Without his help in the beginning the Pet Pantry would have never gotten as far as it       has.
                                               Tom and Rene  currently have 4 rescued dogs, several rescued cats, and 3 rescued birds.

The Volunteers:

  Dana Ray  -Executive Director- She has been such a huge help contacting places and people to help us get donations. She also helps get food divided up and distributed as well as doing check in on distribution day.

Dana has been working with rescues and transporters since 2004.  She currently has 2 rescued dogs,    Dana has helped organize fund raisers to help save the Asian Moon Bear as well as helping out other rescues.  She met Rene and Tom when she lost her income in 2010 and didn't know where to turn.  "When it comes to my dogs I will do everything in my power to make sure they stay with me and are properly fed and vetted.  People Care Pet Pantry came to my rescue."   Dana became a volunteer with People Care Pet Pantry just a few months after the first time they helped her. After several years of volunteering she became the Executive Director.  "I continue to help them, help others, as they continue to help me."

  Betsy Lambright  -Community Outreach Coordinator

  Jessica Forcier - Community Outreach Advocate


  Rinda Vincent - Human Services Assistant    

  Jamie Aiken  - Reiki Practitioner

  Becky Freeman

  Dan Mook

  Debbie Wilkinson

  Diana Schafer

  Harry Miller

   Jane Young


  John Walk  


  Kayleen Devlin

​  Keith Devlin

  Paula Mook