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People Care Pet Pantry is constantly helping families with and without pets.  We have helped so many families who have been through fires that it just felt right to reach out to help a fire department and their newest team member, Flash.

FLASH is a Chocolate Lab that is somewhere around 8 years old. He was found as a stray by the local police dept. and put in “Doggie Jail” for 4 days while the search for his owner was done. No one claimed him – no one stepped forward until Chief Brett Reinbolt showed up and said he was going with him. 

With Flash's age and the slower steps he takes there was a worry that after "Doggie Jail", Flash may not have had many other options and the Lakemore Firefighter's mission is to save lives  (whether it is two legged or four). 

When we heard about Flash and the Lakemore Firefighters we knew we needed to help because, well, as you all know that is our mission (thanks to all of you)

We started by going with Chief Reinbolt and his wife, Mindi, to the vet. The good news was he is HW neg and he is now UTD on his shots. The bad news is that Flash has severe arthritis in his back end and it is starting to settle in the front .

To keep him comfortable, happy and with the fire dept. he needs to be kept on two Caprofen a day and needs bloodwork to check kidney levels every 6 months for the rest of his life.  He will also be put on supplements to work with the Carprofen

With all that this fire department does on a daily basis and, on top of it, for them to go above and beyond by stepping up, without hesitation, to save the life of a senior pup who had nowhere to go we wanted to help!

Our goal is to to do an ongoing fundraiser.  We are asking for money donations  (for the 6 month vet visits) and for donations of Carprofen as well as Myristin, Dasuquin and a Hip and Joint suppliment to hopefully keep these guys from having to pay out of their own individual pockets, personally.

Flash loves his new job and family and they have all fallen in love with him! Unfortunately firefighter dogs dont get paid or get medical insurance LOL, so we are asking for your help.

If you can now,or at any point,help with anything please do. If you can't help with meds or money please share. The more people who see it the better. If a bunch of people can give a little,it adds up to a lot!!

Rescues-(or anyone ) if you have any extra Myristin, Dasuquin (with MSM) or Genuine Naturals Hip and Joint suppliment please message us and we will arrange to get it from you.

Money can be donated either by check made out to People Care Pet Pantry or by paypal.

Put Flash in the memo in either and it will be used to pay for Flash's next vet visit.Keep checking our page for "Flash" updates.
It takes a village for us to help others-you are our village!!!!
Thank you all!!!

Ways to donate financially:
People Care Pet Pantry
ATTN: Flash
2994 Sandy Lake Rd.
Ravenna, Ohio 44226

People Care Pet Pantry
ATTN: Flash
1891 Nichols Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44312

Paypal: - in the subject line please put in Flash.

Please help us keep Flash healthy and happy and watch for him around town.

Don't forget you can still buy FLASH T-shirts at

T's N Things - Tri County Plaza

1500 Canton Rd.  

Akron, Ohio 44312