What Our Mission Is

Our Mission
is to provide aid necessary for families to keep cherished pets during times of financial crisis.

Our Goal is to reduce owner surrenders to overtaxed shelters, reduce medically unnecessary euthanasia, and help families honor their responsibility to provide life long, loving homes for their pets.

The Pantry

We are located in Ravenna Ohio and started the pet food pantry after reading an article in Guideposts about Pike's Peak Pet Pantry.  After hearing some heartbreaking stories of people having to surrender their pets due to finances and looking at my dog trying to imagine having to make that decision, we decided we had to do something to help.

We started in March of 2009 by buying a couple of bags ourselves, then approached friends, family and neighbors for donations.  We have been blessed each week to have enough donations to give to the people scheduled.  We have given as much as 1500 pounds in a week to families in need.  People Care Pet Pantry has now evolved into a multi-county pet pantry.  We have helped families in every county that has been able to get to us.  If they can't get to us we will help them find some one in their area that can help them.  We never just walk away.   We have been just as blessed by the person we help.  The tears, thank-yous and hugs are our reward for what we do!

The Founders

Rene' Lamp  is the president/founder of People Care Pet Pantry.  She became an ordained minister December 24 2009.  Being a domestic violence survivor and having been homeless, she knows what it is like to be where many of the people who contact us have been.

 Tom Lamp is the co-founder.  Without his help in the beginning the Pet Pantry would have never gotten as far as it has.
                                               Tom and Rene  currently have 3 rescued dogs, several rescued cats, and 3 rescued birds.

The Volunteers:

Dana Ray is the Executive Director and has been such a huge help contacting places and people to help us get donations. She also helps get food divided up and distributed as well as doing check in on distribution day.

Dana has been working with rescues and transporters since 2004.  She currently has 3 dogs,  2 are rescues and one is a foster.   Dana has helped organize fund raisers to help save the Asian Moon Bear as well as helping out other rescues.  She met Rene and Tom when she lost her income in 2010 and didn't know where to turn.  "When it comes to my dogs I will do everything in my power to make sure they stay with me and are properly fed and vetted."  People Care Pet Pantry came to my rescue.   Dana became a volunteer with People Care Pet Pantry just a few months after the first time they helped her. After several years of volunteering she became the Executive Director.  "I continue to help them, help others, as they continue to help me."

Deirdre Reaves-Meadecame to us in a precarious way. Kent Police Department responded to a call at her apartment building and thought about shooting a dog that belonged to a man that was being arrested.  Because of "Dinks" temperment "D" was told that he wouldbe put down.  Being the animal lover that she is, she could not let that happen even if it ment over extending her budget.  She got in touch with People Care Pet Pantry to help her not only with food but to help with low cost vet care and get Dink registered as an ESA. 

Deirdre said the first time she met Rene' she cried, and was over joyed at her support and wanted to know what to do to give back.  She became a volunteer with us immediately.  On her own, she is an independant contractor and of course has the love for animals.  "D" does some amazing arts and crafts.

 August "John" Schroeder has been an animal person forever.  He has been with People Care Pet Pantry for over 4 years now as a volunteer and has recently become known as our Facilities Manager.  He is the strong arm for us.  There are several items that are heavy and we count on him to lift it all and put it in order.  John has been a great help in picking up and loading donations   plus the set up and take down of all the functions we go to.  Without John we would have a lot of soar backs.

 Betsy Lambright has been a long time acquantance of PCPP  through her last job. Being pleasant and couteous to every one and always willing to help bridge the gap between OOAK, AlterPet and PCPP to get spay/neuter in place when people could not afford it.

Betsy started working in rescue in 2009 at a low cost spay and neuter clinic -- it was a place where she could help people help their pets.  "Working in rescue I witnessed people struggling just to feed their pets, and struggling to provide the proper veterinary care their pets needed. People Pet Care Pantry’s name kept coming up when people would speak to me about how an organization was able to provide true generosity; and it would inspire me to keep helping, keep rescuing, and keep going with every story I heard".When I accepted a new position with the company I currently work for, I realized that I now had time to devote to PCPP!  I knew that I would be able to assist in their mission of providing aid for others.  I truly look forward to fundraising, collecting donations, assisting with events, and just helping People Care Pet Pantry in any way that I can.

  Jane Young has been a volunteer with PCPP for a couple years now.  Like so many of us, she came to People Care Pet Pantry looking for help to feed her pets.  She continued on as a volunteer helping with the distributions and fund raisers. 

  Ethan Bowles- Ethan is the young one of the group he has been with us for a couple years now helping all that he can.  Between school and sports and his martial arts, he has little time, but he makes it to all of the functions for the Pet Pantry that he can.  We love our younger generation.

 Michaella Swinny (Mickey)joined us through Deirdre.  She was told about our volunteers and to her it sounded like fun.  That was several months ago, and Mickey is still with us.

Mickey is an STNA and personal care giver.  While living in Cleveland she co-adopted a rescue from the APL.  Until then she was afraid of dogs.  Things change quickly when you are around them.

"Those who have given of themselves to others, live forever in the hearts of those they've touched"

-Off the headstone of Walter Grubbs, Pittsburgh Paramedic-

Elaine Lloyd

Jesssica Forcier

Rinda Vincent

John Walk

Linda SLattery

H . E.  L.  P.

Heliping Everyones Loved Pets

A Division of People Care Pet Pantry in Medina

People Care Pet Pantry - Medina was just started in October of 2015, under the direction of Rene' Lamp.

  Tina Sergentis the Manager of PCPP - Medina.  She came to People Care Pet Pantry in need of feeding her own pets.  After driving out to Ravenna and meeting Rene' and Tom for the first time, it fell upon Tina's heart to ask if a Pet Pantry could be established in Medina.  The need for help in that area was abundantly clear.  After quite a bit of training and experiencing People Care Pet Pantry's Pet Carnival with Rene' and the other volunteers, Tina (as well as her husband, Pete and her good friend Donna ) knew the right choice had been made and were in for some wonderful times helping in their own community.

Tina has 3 dogs, 5 cats and a bunny.  She found herself in need of help and not being able to bear the thought of letting just one of her furry friends go she sought help.  Having a different relationship with each of the pets it was a struggle. Kipper is her little baby, Cocoa and Bella are spoiled as well. When people come to visit it is like a petting zoo, they are seek out the ost attention they can get.

 Pete Sergent
didn't just come along for the ride.  He is now considered the Technician and Marketing Director.  He will do anything that is asked, from carrying and picking up all the food that has been donated to fixing any computer issues that they have.  He setup the Medina Facebook page and has been giving Tina and Donna instructions on how to use it.  Pete continues with printing flyers, rules and regulations as well as a letter of introduction to the PCPP - Medina.  Working a full time job has not stopped Pete from helping.  He comes home and leaves again to do what is needed.

 Donna Nickerson has become the secretary.  She doesn't mind using her ver minimal computer skills to set up excel sheets to keep track of who is being helped, how many donations have been taken in and keeping count of how many furry friends have been helped.  Donna has two pets of her own.  Arthur is a Beagle / Rat Terrier mix and new to the family is a kitty that was adopted through Kitten Krazy in Medina.

 People Care Pet Pantry

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